Our Mission

A forthright and unbiased resource for anything related to human performance, getting in shape, nutrition, and overall mind and body wellness. 


Our mission is to provide our friends, family, clients, and readers information to better their life in terms of mind and body. Today the internet is flourishing with information about health and fitness and it’s becoming hard to distinguish what is appropriate. To make your life easier we want to scratch the nonsense and deliver what has worked for us during our training and experiences with information that is proven successful.  We do not settle with trendy, sexy, or whatever is most convenient.  We believe in working towards a minimalist lifestyle where you will learn to operate as highly efficient machine’s physically, mentally and emotionally.    We will be focusing on mental toughness, pain awareness, emotional and physical stress, strength and power capacity, mental acuity and of course nutritional guidance. We know the difference between nonsensical ego driven fitness theories compared to realistic individualized ones that are backed by wisdom and science. Our goal is to create a safe house of training information that a fitness enthusiast could access that would resolve the thousands of regurgitated training theories out there.   It’s utterly important that you know why your reading this and why you even train in the first place. Seriously ask yourself, “Why do I get up at 4:30am to workout for one hellish hour then go to work for 8 hours?” If you know why and your answer is completely superficial that is fantastic you are headed in the right direction. If not maybe this site can diverge you into something that has more meaning.


What will we be talking about?

Anything that we find important that is related to your health and performance while maintaining validity. Literally anything.

What is the purpose?

To educate and share fitness knowledge while bringing clarity to hundreds of different fitness trends that are being proliferated on the internet.

What makes us different? 

Through what we post and have to offer. We would rather show it to you instead of talk about how we are “just better”. Don’t forget to read the coach’s bios


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