Detox vs Eating Healthy

We should all know that consistently eating healthy versus doing a detox every so often is the winner in this argument. But I would like to also argue that doing a “detox” can be the best way to approach healthy eating.


What is a detox?

-A detox is a period of time that you actively try and rid the body of toxins by following a usually pain-staking diet. Detox diets generally consist of an eating plan that requires you to avoid all processes sugary foods and drink a lot of filter water. (Shouldn’t we do this all the time?!) They all have their little gimmicks to make you believe this is the magical fat loss, energy boosting formula.


The problems with a detox is that most results are highly variable, the diet plans are not subjective and are sometimes so hard people can make it through the first three days. Most of the oxidative stress has already damaged your body, making a hardcore detox pointless.  Another issue is if you search detox on Google about 67,400,000 results show up. Where do we even start?!


What to do now… start a detox. WHAT?! (Actually we like to call it a diet overhaul)

Sometimes the best way to start eating healthy is to begin a detox, or diet overhaul. This will give you the feeling of a “fresh start”. Then, slowly introduce whole healthy foods back into your routine. You might be very surprised on how you react to certain foods.


The main point we are trying to get across is that you can use a detox as a tool to get you jump started into routine healthy eating habits. The worst thing you can do is do a detox once a month and yo-yo back into unhealthy eating habits.


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J.P. Van Alstyne
Head Strength Coach at F.A.S. Training Inc.
J.P. has his Bachelor of Science degree from University of Rhode Island where he primarily focused on exercise science and sports nutrition. He is also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist by The National Strength and Conditioning Association. His athletic background ranges from high school track and field to collegiate rugby where he was the URI Men’s Rugby Captain.

He has trained many different clients ranging from youth athletes, Division 1 athletes, amputees, military personnel and fitness enthusiasts. He has mentored under Dr. Frank Welling training philosophies at F.A.S. Training Inc. and now is full-time strength coach. He has also shadowed physical therapists and has been to multiple seminars to stay in touch with the evolving fitness industry. His main goal in training others is to give them an advantage among others in work capacity, mental toughness, nutrition and how to apply it to every aspect of life.

J.P. strongly believes that knowledge is gained from experience and to truly master something you must live it. Living by this code he has competed in multiple races such as The Toughmudder, Spartan Beast, GoRuck Challenge, 50 Mile Gore-Tex North Face Endurance Trail Run, Rev3 26hour Adventure Race in the Shenandoah Mountains, NYC East River Swim and trekked Mt. Elbert (14,439), Colorado in December during a blizzard.

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