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Frank’s Friday Points

As a life long learner, I always search,study, and look for things that inspire me.

I hope you enjoy these resources recommendations I hope you find them helpful . It’s that simple .

  • A book I finished over the summer I consider it the best book of 2016 that I have read Ego Is the Enemy The book defines the ego as healthy. You don’t be a flash in the pan to be an expert you’re constantly learning. I have marked up underlined and taken notes in the book. This is a book, I will continue to read over and over again.


  • This weeks TEDTalks I seek failure Adam Keek at Ted X Victoria 2013 a humorous insightful talk on the happy fail.

  • A cool running product that I stumbled onto is called the FlipBelt it’s got a snug fit stretchy band with multiple pouches and fits around my waste no bouncing or rubbing it works pick it up here


  • Try one of our Body Weight Training workouts over the weekend and go for a walk or a hike. If you want more of these workouts we will be leaving our Programs section of the website open to the public for the weekend. Make sure to check it out before it closes for members only on Monday.


Points to ponder over the coming week:

  1. Try not to take yourself seriously
  2. Have one hard belly laugh a day, it’s good for the soul
  3. Get out breathe, sweat, and smile it’s all good for you

Peace out till next week…


Dr. Frank Welling
Founder of F.A.S. Training Inc.
DC CSCS 50 years old is a Doctor of Chiropractic and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. Dr. Welling has summited Mount Kilimanjaro (19,340 feet). He raised over $40,000 for Make a Wish Foundation and Wounded Warrior Project. He has competed in Rev3 26hour Adventure Race, Northface Challenge 50k, marathon, and half marathons. He has completed a 70.3 Ironman and numerous sprint triathlons. He trekked Mt. Elbert (14,439), Colorado in December during a blizzard. He has a Brown Belt in Russian Sambo, Blue Belt in Brazilian Ju Jitsu. He is a silver medalist in NAGA. He has more than 20 years of experience in fitness training.