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Movement of the Week – Rotational Med Ball Slams

Similar to OH Med Ball Slam, this exercise is excellent for core and functional strength. It has an emphasis on rotatory stability/strength and can also be used help activate an athlete’s core during movement preparation. Athlete’s that are involved in sports such as, Baseball, Hockey and Basketball can benefit by performing this exercise in a conditioning program.



How to execute: 

  • Choose a hip to start from, simultaneously raise the ball overhead to the opposite while pivoting your foot.
  • Make sure to raise the ball as high as possible, keep your opposite foot pointed forward.
  • Once the ball is completely overhead violently throw the ball down using  your hips, arms and core.

Movement of the Week – Forward Rolls

Tumbling or Forward Rolls is an excellent way to improve body awareness, control and balance. When incorporating forward rolls to a training session a person will achieve enhanced range of motion. Check out the video below to see what it looks like.


Tumbling is a fundamental movement that every athlete should perfect along with jumping rope. There is no sense in having an athlete perform strength training without being able to tumble or jump rope. Tumbling should be a regular part of a training regimen.

Suggested implementation for tumbling during a warm-up:

3×5 Forward Rolls with 60 sec of Jump Rope after each set

Here’s how it’s done: 

Standing in front of a mat, squat down and put both of your hands onto mat. Tuck your chin to your chest then begin leaning forward. Touch the back of your head to the mat then push off gently starting the forward roll. Curl your entire body as you fall forward, follow all the way through so you produce enough momentum to stand on your feet and jump. When you jump make sure to push your hips forward into full extension. Finally, land softly as though you were finishing a squat jump.


College Nutritional Survival Guide

 7 to Heaven & 3 to YOU!   

A quick guide to help you stay on track during college


Here are 7 dieting tips that can help you stay lean! And 3 things you should watch out for!



  1. Drink plenty of water throughout the day! This should be obvious! Do you really do it though?
-It is very important that you prevent chronic dehydration. Just being 2-3 percent dehydrated can affect performance. Think of this, a hydrated muscle is a grape and dehydrated muscle is a raisin. Which one do you think will perform optimally?
  1. Eat 4-6 small meals a day that are nutrient dense!
-Nutrient dense means there are more nutrients and fewer calories. For example a donut vs. a bowel of spinach, spinach wins. Try not to eat 2-3 large meals a day too. This will cause your blood sugar to do all sorts of crazy things including making you feel like a zombie at times. Keep the meals small, consistent and nutrient dense.



  1. Avoid foods that are immediately satisfying then make you crave more! Ramen, PUKE!!! Cookies, OK sometimes.
-Ramen consists primarily of salt, salt more salt and some carbs. How is this going to satisfy your hunger? NOT A CHANCE. Foods with high fructose never give you a prolonged feeling satiety either. Try eating nuts or something with fiber like an apple.
  1. Make sure every meal is a balance of macro nutrients! Carbs, Proteins and Fats! (Sorry Beer and Fireball are not included)
-This can get tricky because your sport or training regimen might demand more of a specific macro nutrient. Use common sense! If you run XC you might need more carbs, but if you’re a gym rat late night calzones will kill your progress. The only marco nutrient that should be included in every meal is protein.
  1. A post-workout meal is vital in optimizing your training!
-Don’t deprive yourself of nutrients after a training session. Ask any ripped guy or gal, they eat! Make sure you have an adequate carb/protein shake or meal after a training session. Otherwise you will look like this…

JP Run

  1. All the crap and poison in a food store is located in the middle. Shop in the perimeter!
– Martin Rooney, an elite strength coach, had some awesome advice in his Training for Warriors book (see our store). All of the whole foods such as fruits, vegetables, meats, eggs and poultry are located on the perimeter of a food market. So guess how you should go food shopping?! THE PERIMETER!
  1. Treat food as a source of energy! And stop eating based on your mood!
-There are times we deserve treats. But what we really deserve is to be healthy and eating like crap is going to make you feel like crap. If you’re going to have an over the top cheat day, help yourself out by having an over the top fast day.


Now, I am sure we have heard most of these before. The question is… You gonna do it or what!? Get it done and stop making excuses!


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